Niemand hat das Recht zu gehorchen.- Hannah Arendt

Nobody has the right to obey…

I start thinking about what freedom really is ?

everybody wants freedom dont they?
freedom of thinking, freedom of acting, freedom of not participating.

does freedom means to be left alone? if that is what you wish for, you bet your ass.

freedom means that however you act, think, whether you participate or not you should not be judged or looked down on.
whith that in mind one can suggest that none of us is really free.and we are all enslaved by different things in life.
some people feels enslaved by the chains of marriage, most people feels and suffer the enslavement of corporations. some people are enslaved by thought controll.
freedom is for us to take, not for us to want, however it may seem hard at times, and it acctually is all the time.

What did hannah mean??

Nerlin 22 november


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